"Sadistic" Darkroom print, 2017

"Sadistic" Darkroom print, 2017


Krista Darling

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University of South Florida 2016-2018


Assistant to the Curator of Education at CAM USF

Assistant to the Collections Manager at CAM USF


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Originating from Jacksonville Fl, I shoot both analog film and digital photography. I am a 23 year old USF gradute and have a passion for photography, entomology (insects). and cats. 

Artist Statement 

My artwork begins to explore the aura surrounding other worldly realms. My work pulls inspiration from the paranormal, dreams, spirituality, the unconscious and the unknown. I want to engage my viewers in an out of body experience, and make them question the normal realities surrounding them. Often including religious references, my photography embodies a freedom of exploration of different realms.

Beginning from 35mm landscape photography, my photographs have evolved into a more sensual and atmospheric genre. I am looking to further increase the inclusion of feminist influences and team up with other feminist artists to make new projects.

Over the years my artistic influences have included a large number of people. First and foremost being Alec Soth, who creates the most beautifully soft and poet photographs I’ve ever seen. Stephen Shore has also encouraged me to explore vibrant colors and to fully appreciate the independence that comes with being a young photographer.